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Welcome to the website of the enotech Group. Connected with the environment and committed to efficiency, this is our approach at enotech.
We are pleased that you are interested in our products and services. From this page you can go straight to the various divisions of our group and learn a little about our history.

enotech GmbH
Formed in 2001
Shareholders: Winfried Peschke

Laser Cleaning Division
The idea of using environmentally friendly techniques for cleaning tool moulds in general and tyre moulds in particular was the main idea when we formed enotech GmbH in 2001. The »laser cleaning process« used for this purpose works without chemicals and generates no additional waste, in contrast to conventional processes of the past. This process is still being successfully used for our customers throughout Europe and we have gained an established reputation as a service company with numerous tyre producers.

Dry-Ice Cleaning Division:
The laser cleaning process, however, is not the only environmentally friendly cleaning process. The cleaning of all types of surfaces with the "dry-ice blast process", which is both effective and residue-free, also met enotech GmbH's environmental standards and was added to the range of services in 2002. As the »dry ice« blasting material sublimates without leaving any residue, there is no additional waste here either.

Plant Engineering and Construction Division
Our extensive experience with »dry ice« and its properties has caused enotech GmbH to venture into the field of plant engineering and construction. In 2005 we developed a new dry-ice press which was initially used for internal purposes only, but has been sold worldwide since 2008. The expertise acquired in handling the difficult medium of carbon dioxide also stood us in good stead in other development projects. In 2011 enotech GmbH developed a new robot for the automatic cleaning of tyre moulds. Once completed, this machine will also be made available to the global market.

Division for Dry Ice Production
Since 2006 we have also been producing dry ice for external customers with our dry-ice press, initially built for our own dry ice requirements. As dry ice is not only used for cleaning, but also for cooling various product groups during manufacture and transport, we soon built up a substantial clientele.

Solar Technology Division
In entering the solar sector we have remained true to our corporate philosophy of protecting the environment. Since 2010 the enotech Solar Division has been calculating, planning and building small and medium-sized solar systems for both private and industrial customers. We install systems of between 4 – 400 KW and offer a full service to our customers, which includes putting the system into operation.

enotech Personalservice GmbH
Formed in 2002
Shareholder: Winfried Peschke

To handle our initially somewhat sporadic cleaning orders and the heavy demands this made on the flexibility of our staff, enotech founder Winfried Peschke launched the manpower services agency AET Industrieservice GmbH in 2002. In the first year AET GmbH supplied only enotech GmbH with the personnel it needed, acting as an outsourced HR department. The corporate philosophy of focusing on long-term relations with customers and staff, which is unusual for the sector, and our philosophy of putting customers and staff first in our internal and external relations soon brought us broad market acceptance. In 2006 AET was fully incorporated into the enotech Group and is still active in the market under the name »enotech Personalservice GmbH«. In 2011 we extended our hitherto regional radius of action when we opened our first branch office in Erbach in Odenwald.

enotech Gas AG
Formed in 2007
Shareholder: enotech GmbH

In 2007 the former »Dry Ice Cleaning« and »Dry Ice Production« divisions were incorporated into our new subsidiary, »enotech Gas GmbH«. With the opening of a further production plant in Nuremberg in 2008 enotech Gas GmbH managed to consistently expand its clientele and is now able to supply the south of Germany with dry ice. enotech Gas GmbH's forte is an extremely flexible delivery and ordering service, hitherto unique in this sector, and even today this is still our unique selling proposition. In 2010 we expanded the business through the sale of technical gases and the letting of blasting units for dry-ice cleaning. enotech Gas GmbH also offers cleaning with the dry-ice procedure as contract work.

enotech SRL
Formed in 2008
Shareholder: enotech GmbH

With enotech GmbH's expansion to other European countries 2008 saw the formation of the enotech Group's first foreign subsidiary. The fully owned subsidiary, enotech SRL, whose principal place of business is in Medias, offers many of its services in Romania. Here too activities initially centred on tyre companies. The services on offer, which at first were limited to laser applications, were rapidly expanded with our services in the field of dry ice production and dry ice application. Today enotech SRL produces dry ice in different forms in Slatina and its clientele has steadily continued to grow.

igas GmbH & Co. KG
Formed in 2011
Shareholder: enotech GmbH

The most recent company to be formed, igas GmbH & CO. KG, is also committed to offering an environmentally friendly service. igas focuses on supplying our customers with liquid argon. The conventional way of supplying gas is currently to use gas bottles (at a total consumption of 8 to around 40 bottles per month). The heavy bottles are regularly replaced by exchanging »full for empty«. So on transport the weight of the product is primarily made up of packaging, i. e. the steel cylinder. The igas system involves installing small vacuum containers at the customer's site and filling them with liquid argon. The contents of the container are monitored by remote query and when a certain limit is reached this triggers a delivery by our small-quantity tanker. A vacuum container with a capacity of 230 litres therefore replaces some 24 gas bottles with a total weight of some 1.4 tonnes. This saves considerable transport costs and there is no need to change the gas bottles, a task which is both labour-intensive and dangerous. There is also the additional advantage that no remaining quantities are returned to the supplier. These are the main arguments in favour of this innovative supply system.